Perhaps the most concerning topic is dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment as damage can occur quickly and quietly. Plaque accumulation on teeth occurs more easily because of the orthodontic appliances (wires and brackets). In turn, this can cause gingival (gum) inflammation which further complicates dental hygiene. If left unattended long enough, the bacteria in the dental plaque with begin to etch the teeth with acids that they produce. This can leave white spots on the teeth which often cannot be removed long after the orthodontic treatment has been completed.

Extra visits with your dentist would be beneficial, in conjunction with proper daily flossing and brushing which takes the area between the brackets and gingiva (gums) into special consideration.

Another reason hygiene is so important is that the presence of bacteria cause an irritation of the bone under the gingival. This irritation creates an acidic environment which inhibits bone building cells, which creates a negative balance. This means that in the presence of inflammation, there tends to be bone loss even when bone should be added. This bone is not able to be replaced; once it is gone, it’s gone. Bone height contributes significantly to tooth stability.


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