The following are examples of appliance systems employed at Walnut Grove Orthodontics.

There are orthodontic bracket systems that claim to be faster. This is supported if that refers to the time needed to change an orthodontic arch wire; however treatment times themselves do not seem affected.

Care must be taken to avoid certain crunchy or sticky foods. Crunchy foods can pop brackets off the adhesive bonded to the tooth. Sticky foods can become trapped in the crevices around brackets and can cause cavities. More information can be found in Orthodontic Hygiene.

d68a86e04279c9c209bb031ece225bb3_tz7oMetal Brackets

Metal brackets are the traditional braces which allow placement of coloured elastics.


speed-bracketSpeed Brackets™

Speed™ is a miniaturized self-ligating appliance with the benefits of aesthetics, comfort, time savings in self-ligation of wires and precision in tooth movement due to the action of SPEED’s Super Elastic Spring Clip.


d830406236bb34dfb616495a912b0f86_3lkxDamon™ Brackets

Translucent Damon braces are an alternative esthetic option.

The brackets are more expensive and the bone physiology and biomechanics are not modified by the bracket type. Regardless of the type of bracket used, when a tooth begins to move the force application is at the bracket wire interface and this creates forces called moments. These moments are largely responsible for a bind and release phenomenon which is responsible for orthodontic friction.

Dr. Standerwick was trained in the Damon system by Dr. Nelson R Diers if the desired bracket type is an issue.

Alignment efficiency of Damon3 self-ligating and conventional orthodontic bracket systems: a randomized clinical trial

Self-Ligating Brackets in Orthodontics (A Systemic Review);The Angle Orthodontist: Vol. 80, No. 3, pp. 575-584



lingual_detail-typodent-1Lingual braces are attached to the tongue side of the teeth and provide a truely invisible esthetic option. There can be an adjustment phase for speech and phonetics.

In general, treatment requiring extraction of teeth will finish more effectively and efficiently with lingual braces versus sequential clear retainer systems like Invisalign.

We can use either Incognito lingual bracket system, or Ormco STb lingual bracket system.



Iconix aesthetics braces deliver beauty and comfort that you deserve. A light gold finish that blends beautifully with teeth for a low profile, comfortable design.


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